Tutoring Scholarship

The RLCM offers subsidized fees for students to work with our Tutor-Interns with the Scholarship-Internship program or OGA practicum trainees.

This award will be based upon application to

  • families unable to afford the cost of tutoring

  • documented Specific Learning Disability in reading and writing (dyslexia and/or dysgraphia)

  • demonstrated need for an intervention

  • committed to attend twice a week lessons for 45-50 minutes for 4 months (online preferred)

  • Canadian resident only

ALL applications are confidential.

The tutors work under the guidance of Dr. Valdine Bjornson, Certified Reading Clinician.

How to Apply (SEE BELOW)

  • Letter/email or video explaining reasons for applying to this Scholarship

  • Provide a reference from teacher or administrator from child’s school

Applications due: ongoing

Submit to:

[email protected]

For more details, please call:

  • 204 451 2112