Tataskweyak Education Authority, Split Lake Manitoba

“The training was excellent. It’s what educators need to know when working with kids struggling with reading difficulties. Some teachers said they really enjoyed it and will use it in their classroom. I mutually agreed upon their enthusiasm and feelings in teaching reading and spelling with phonics can be fun and exciting. I especially love and enjoy the jingle that goes with the instructions in the vowels and consonants. I really like the games and file folders you can make and use for classrooms. One teacher felt emotional knowing she knows now how to help her students with their reading difficulties. As for myself the course polished my special education knowledge and I recommended it already to educators. I look forward to apply my training with my grandkids especially my granddaughter whom I’ve recognized to have dyslexia. I will certainly help educators as well, as they need it with their students. Thank you Valdine for your great knowledge and showing us your expertise with educating the kids with reading difficulties. Ekosani!”

-Grace R. Special Education Specialist
Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre

“It is rewarding that this initiative became a reality for the Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre staff due to the special needs of our students in the area of reading. I noticed that the teachers and education assistants were fully engaged in the presentation and showed keen interest on instructional methods. The PD sessions such as this for staff is additional support in their teaching and it enhances their teaching methods. An educational assistant told me that she took a lot of notes to teach reading for children with dyslexia because she has two children with it. She informed me that she learned a lot from the workshop and will apply what she learned. Although the workshop had trying times with COVID 19 in our community and also at times the internet connectivity cut out, the presentation of content was still accomplished. In closing, when we are able to see and meet in the near future, I extend an invitation to you Valdine to come visit the the Tataskweyak Education Authority and Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre staff. Thank you and it is with hope that we can continue to work together for our children.”

Alfred, Education Director
Tataskweyak Education Authority

Past Participant Comments

I took the Associate level training through the RLCM and I loved it. Dr. Valdine Bjornson provided the highest level of knowledge and support. I’d highly recommend The Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba!

-Santina, teacher, urban public school

I completed my Orton-Gillingham coursework and practicum for the Classroom Educator and Associate levels with Valdine’s guidance and support. What an enriching and life-changing experience! Valdine was always available to answer questions, and she provided excellent feedback regarding my Orton-Gillingham video lessons. I am a much more knowledgeable and effective teacher thanks to the Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba.

-Karine, urban private school specialist

I took the Classroom Educator course instructed by Valdine Bjornson through the RLCM, which I highly recommend. The course is essential for every educator to take as every Canadian classroom has several students who have dyslexia. Although already trained with the Orton-Gillingham methods, I gained more information and ideas and made gained invaluable connection with Valdine as a mentor. I am forever grateful with the knowledge that I gained

-Twila, private practitioner

Thank you to Valdine Bjornson and Dawn Nieman for giving us your time teaching all of us educators in Winnipeg this past week. I believe our school team is better equipped now to help all our students with acquiring English language skills, and learning all the rules to our language in order to facilitate reading and writing. If anyone is questioning whether or not to take this training, DO! Knowing what I know now, as Dawn would say, “I want my money back” from my B. Ed. Degree.

-Jane, School Principal, Urban Public School

I found the OG Classroom Educator course excellent. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable. This is one of the only reading programs that links letter sounds to speech sounds. It also teaches reading and spelling in every lesson. Every student teacher should take this 30 hour course. Period.

-Andrea, Speech-Language Pathologist, Rural Public School Division

During the OG Classroom Educator training, we received excellent information regarding how to explicitly teach children how to read. We had very knowledgeable trainers. The training was interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve all aspects of reading instruction for all learners.

-Karla, Speech-Language Pathologist , Urban Public School Division

As a product of whole language instruction, I have never had these rules explained in such a clear, concise way. I feel so much more confident in my ability to clearly and systematically teach my students to read and spell. I love all the mnemonics for the vowel teams as these are very confusing. I also appreciate the structure of lessons for the way they review, solidify and teach new skills. Finally, I love how the OG instruction is flexible, diagnostic and prescriptive. I can help all my students learn the next most helpful skill without slogging through known information. Valdine is fabulously patient for answering questions!

-M.M., Kindergarten teacher, Urban Public School Division

Attending the session was the Professional Development opportunity that I have been seeking for years. As a resource teacher who works to support students and staff in a school with twice the national average of students who are diagnosed with Dyslexia, we are always trying to find new tools for the toolbox. OG training is not a tool, it is how all students should be taught to read. I’d recommend this course for anyone, not just educators. The amount of learning that occurred in a single day was extraordinary and that we had four consecutive days of intense learning was out of this world. I’m looking forward to my OG journey and bringing as many people with me as possible. Thanks Valdine for this opportunity.

-Nicole, Resource Teacher, Rural Public School

“I have been teaching for over 25 years, with an extensive background in assisting students with reading and spelling difficulties. In all my years of education and experience, nothing has ever come close to the powerful instruction that I received at the Orton-Gillingham training hosted by the Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba in December 2018. We were given four packed days of instruction, including chances to practice what we had learned. So many pieces of the puzzle came together for me during this training, and I recognized how simple and effective implementing the ideas from the Orton-Gillingham method would be for all of our learners. What I loved best is that these principles can so easily be applied to an entire class in the early years, thus laying an excellent foundation for literacy. Early identification and quick intervention strategies for students who are struggling were clearly explained. This training provided so many wonderful tools that are very easy to implement right after the training was finished. It is so important that we reach ALL of our students with the best methodology possible to develop their literacy skills, and the Orton-Gillingham approach lights the way. I would heartily endorse this training for any early years teachers, literacy specialists, reading support personnel, and Student Services teachers. It is definitely worth it!! Thank you Valdine for an amazing time of learning!”

-Gloria, Student Services Dept. Head

Urban Independent School

Orton-Gillingham provides training for comprehensive planning and strategies for instruction. Very well done. I feel like I’ve grown a new ring in my tree!

-K.M, School Psychologist, Urban Public School Division