Formal Practicum and Coaching

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Formal Practicum and Coaching

The formal practicum is to provide increased fidelity and professional coaching in the field. Each practitioner will be provided feedback on submitted lesson plans and observed lesson plan delivery. The goal is to support the trainee with using the OG approach to maximize its effectiveness and encourage the professional growth of the trainee.

For the Classroom Educator practicum, you will need to complete 5 lessons plans along with 5 observations with a group of 2 or up to a whole class for a minimum of 8 months (and Associate would be 5 more, 1:1 up to 8 months). Each observed lesson will require a lesson plan sent to Fellow prior to lesson as well as a follow-up meeting to review the lesson/consult.

If you take both Classroom Educator and Associate, you can go directly to ten 1:1 observed lessons for the Associate level formal practicum.

The practicum is the single most effective method to insure that the training days are put to good use and that the trainee is able to follow through with the intense OGA training.

*You will have up to 2 years following OGA training to complete the practicum.

* It is preferred that you work with the same student(s) during the duration of each practicum in order to maximize the development of OG practice skills.

ONE formal observation (lesson plan, video recording, & consult time) of small group to whole class practice is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED prior to taking the ASSOCIATE LEVEL COURSE at an additional cost of $200 Cdn. This formal lesson can be applied towards the accredited OGA practicum. LESSON can be SUBMITTED during or prior to the ASSOCIATE COURSE. All of the details of this observed lesson prerequisite will be outlined and explained in full during the CE course.  This prerequisite can be completed online or in person. 

If you would like to take the Certified level of training, you will need to take the practicum. Further if you wish to apply for official membership at the Classroom Educator or Associate level with OGA, you will need to take the practicum.

* The observed lessons can be provided by video recording, in-person and live-stream. A signed consent form from parents will be required for children’s observations. *

Cost of Practicum

Practicum Fee: each observed lesson is $200 USD or Canadian Dollar depending upon the observing Fellow (typically the lessons alternate between USD and Cdn dollar). Dawn Nieman (ATF/OGA) and Valdine Bjornson (FIT/OGA) will take turns with the formal observations. Currently you can complete your first formal lesson for formal CE or Associate practicum immediately following completion of the course. From lesson 2, there might be a waitlist. Please contact for details.  

OG Coaching

The Orton-Gillingham Coaching option (virtual or in-person) is for those who would like to have support with implementing OG lessons with their students but are not interested in pursuing the formal practicum. It might be for individuals who are looking for:

  • demonstration of lessons
  • observation of lessons
  • consult with OG practice
  • feedback on anything related to the Orton-Gillingham procedures, sequencing, lesson implementation, goal setting, progress monitoring, etc.

Examples might be:

  • Working as a team with student(s) for co-delivery
  • providing the entire or parts of an OG lesson for feedback

OG Coaching fee: $100/coaching session

 “Discounted OGA practicum” as RLCM tutor

You can work with RLCC as a tutor after completing either the Classroom Educator course or Associate course.

The ‘discounted practicum’ will apply only after tutor has completed BOTH Classroom Educator and Associate courses. You will receive 5 out of 10 formal observations (Lessons – 1,3,5,6,7) at no cost to practitioner.  Further, as a member of RLCM tutoring team, your tutoring time will be reimbursed.

*The ‘discounted practicum’ is possible only after successfully completing BOTH CE and ASSOCIATE OGA courses.” 

*minimum 6 hours/week and 8 months commitment*

Tutors must be willing to be observed, receive feedback and collaborate with OG practitioner team.

Opportunity for:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Professional Development and learning
  • Access to professional materials and resources (as required for specific students)
  • Option to purchase (50% discounted) RLCC CE and Associate PPTs and Quizlet materials 
  • Collaboration with dynamic team who are dedicated to support ALL learners

Please send your resume along with cover letter to [email protected]

The CE and Associate courses will gauge applicant suitability and skill.


  • reference from current employer
  • previous experience with teaching, learning disabilities, and working in education related fields
  • passion for literacy and LD students